Crystalline waterproofing

Vandex makes any concrete an even better material

Vandex invented an industry - the first crystalline patent in the world


The German patent confirmation from 1952. The founder of Vandex invented crystalline waterproofing technology in 1943 – founding a whole new industry and gaining Worldwide recognition for crystalline performance and unparalleled high quality of crystalline technology in waterproofing and protection of concrete

Vandex provide innovative yet simple solutions for keeping structures dry and safe, and avoiding chemical attack – even in demanding environments such as those required in the potable water industry.

Vandex products are used to preserve and protect structures through our 7 core technologies for the waterproofing and protection of all types of concrete.

Step 1

Section of dry contrete wall showing the natural free lime and moisture in the capillary system

Step 2

Concrete wall exposed to water. The water has forced it's way into the cappillaries. Longterm effect: leaky, damaged concrete

Step 3

Vandex crystalline treatment: The reaction between the free lime, moisture and the Vandex chemicals has set in.

Step 4

The concrete is now watertight. Vandex penetrates the concrete forming crystals which substanially constrict the capillaries but still allow water vapour to pass.

Step 5

Vandex crystals remain in the concrete, ready to reactivate upon water impact. The crystals have now penetrated deeply into the solid contcrete


Vandex crystalline products stop water from penetrating concrete. For drinking water applications, Vandex coatings also exceed the required high hygienic standards. As one of the market leaders in technical skills and crystalline technology knowledge, Vandex has for decades had an excellent international reputation. Vandex is certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management systems which verifies that Vandex meets the requirements of international quality and environmental management standards.


Vandex is proud to present our latest findings from our studies into the core crystalline chemistry and the resulting effects on modern high quality concrete. You are most welcome to request further information once you have made your way through this web site

Have a look to our crystal formation video: Vandex crystallization video

Please select a technology to see a summary of the latest scientific findings in Vandex crystalline technology:


Crystalline step 1
Crystalline step 2
Crystalline step 3



Vandex crystalline products at work


Structural and industrial engineering

industrial engineering


Tunnel engineering


tunnel engineering

Drinking water reservoirs

Water reservoirs

Sewage water treatment

Sewage water treatment

Refurbishment of old buildings

Refurbishment of old buildings
Super bag drawing


Product name Description
Concrete Surface Applied
VANDEX SUPER in-depth waterproofing and protection, slurry, natural
VANDEX SUPER WHITE in-depth waterproofing and protection, slurry, white
VANDEX CONCRETE GREY in-depth waterproofing and protection, slurry, light grey
VANDEX PREMIX in-depth waterproofing and protection, slurry, grey, for coarse layers
VANDEX SUPER POOL in-depth waterproofing and protection, slurry, blue
Concrete admixture
VANDEX AM 10 waterproofing concrete admixture, in powder form




The crystalline Vandex products are regularly tested by approved and independent testing laboratories in various countries all over the world. These tests serve as neutral proof of the effectiveness and special properties of the crystalline Vandex products. Check out the crystalline approvals and test reports by this link: 

Looking for further Vandex products or product information (link to

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Service – Quality – Environment

Research and development

Vandex is an organisation which through innovation, know-how, experience and strong motivation supports its products with appropriate services in the fields of research & development, testing and engineering thus adding significant value to the basic qualities and benefits of the Vandex products.

Technical service

Vandex gives priority to responding to customer requirements concerning products or systems and to developing products and services which provide attractive customer benefits. Vandex‘s technical services for users, designers and applicators assure a high degree of customer satisfaction. Training and consulting is offered locally or at the head office.

Quality and environment

The Vandex group has been certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 „Quality management systems” since 1994 and to the ISO 14001:2004 „Environmental management systems” since 2004. This verifies that the Vandex companies meet the requirements of international quality and environmental standards.


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